Saturday, December 19, 2009


Hey there, and welcome to the debut blog post of the BRAND NEW! I've been working on this new site for the past 18 months, and I couldn't be prouder to finally be showing it off.

As you can see, the front page is now a highly active and more current page. On the left we've got my Twitter feed, where I post little 140-characters-or-less snippets of whatever I'm up to right now. And we've got some of my music playing on the front page only, which you can either groove on or turn off by using the audio player in the upper right hand corner. But what I'm most excited about is this space right here - a blogger feed right onto the home page.

I've missed blogging, but I stopped a while back because I didn't have a prominent page for it on my own site, and I was busy doing other stuff (like building this new site!). Now I can blog to my heart's content and it will show up right here. Twitter's nice, but the 140-character limit can get old.

Plus, pictures and YouTube videos will show up here from time to time. Let's put some Dethklok tour stuff up here just as a taste of what's to come. These shots aren't going to end up getting commercially used, so they're perfect for personal blogging.

Here we have a shot from one of two packed shows at the Hollywood Palladium, complete with requisite rock star hair and half-shut eyes. Photo by Mike Mesker.

From Jeremy Saffer in Albany, a shot of the crowd from the back of the hall I just can't stop looking at.

Maybe my best "ay matey" shot ever, from the Los Angeles show, shot by Mike Mesker.

Wrapping up the Dethklok tour stuff for now, here's a shot of Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders and I in L.A. I effin' love this guy. Photo by Stacey Ferguson.

And since I just finished up a duo tour with my lovely and talented wife Kira Small, here's a outtake shot of us from a promo shoot we did in Milwaukee (pix by TJ Lambert).

So getting pix up here quick is going to be easy and fun.

But that's so 2002. How about some embedded video? For the hardcore metal fans out there, here's a couple of very bass-friendly, bootleg-but-still-pretty-good quality YouTube videos of a Dethklok show in Pompano Beach, FL. The first one is us doing "Go Into The Water."

Not fast enough for you? How about us doing "The Gears":

Maybe you want some official video instead. Well, there's no official live Dethklok footage, but there's some good stuff from the new live Steve Vai CD/DVD Where The Wild Things Are. Check out Steve, drummer Jeremy Colson and myself opening up a bit at the end of "Building The Church" (this was back in 2007, so that explains the shorter hair):

And here's the opening track of that DVD, "Now We Run" - which was just nominated for a Grammy!

For those interested in my own stuff, here's a video of me performing my own solo composition "Life Story" back in April of 2009:

Lastly, here's a video of Kira and I doing her tune "I Ain't Never" at a house concert in New Jersey back in the summer of '09:

You can always go to my YouTube page to see what I've got up there. I hope to have more exclusive live Bryan Beller Band stuff up there (and here) soon.

So I invite you to take a look around and test drive the new design. If you see anything that's acting weird, just e-mail me using the Links & Contact link in the menubar. The best test is always the last one, by the public. If you dig deep enough, you'll find some stuff that exists as "archives" - that is, in the original design scheme. There was some content that was just too big to move over to the new site, so we left it as is, time-capsule style.

Finally, I'm happy to announce that, now that I've finally launched this site, I'll be getting on Facebook soon as well. I'm thinking that will happen by the middle of February.

And really honestly finally, I want to thank Brad Traweek for doing an incredible job on this newly designed website. Thanks to him, I'm going to be able to update every page of this whole site at will. Also, special thanks to Matt Robbins for the initial graphic design, and to Katy Towell, for designing a site in 2003 so sturdy that it lasted seven years.

Thanks for following along. I'll try and keep it interesting. :-)


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