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Bryan Beller proudly endorses and uses:

Mike Lull Custom Basses

SWR Amplification

D'addario Strings

Taylor Guitars (the AB-4 acoustic/electric bass)

Xotic Effects (the Bass BB Preamp)

Solid Cables

Dunlop Pedals (Bass Wah, M-80 D.I.)

Complete Gear List

Mike Lull Custom Modern 5-String
Mike Lull Custom Modern 5-String Fretless
Mike Lull Custom Vintage 4-String
Mike Lull Custom T-Bass
Fender Custom Shop '64 Re-Issue Jazz Bass
Fender Precision Bass
Taylor AB-4 Acoustic/Electric Bass

Heads, Preamps and Power Amps
SWR SM-1500
SWR SM-900
SWR Mo' Bass
SWR SM-400
SWR Grand Prix Preamp
SWR Interstellar Overdrive Preamp
ART TubePAC Preamp (2)
SansAmp PSA-1 Programmable Preamp
SWR Stereo 800 Power Amp
Peavey DPC1000 Power Amp
BGW x3800 Power Amp

Speaker Cabinets
SWR Megoliath 8x10
SWR Goliath III 4x10 (2)
SWR Goliath II 4x10 (2)
SWR Goliath Junior III 2x10

Combo Amps
SWR Super Redhead
SWR Workingman's 12
SWR California Blonde

Main Live Pedalboard
Boss FV-50 Volume Pedal
Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
Boss OC-2 Octave Pedal
Xotic Effects Bass BB Preamp
Digitech X-Series Bass Driver
Dunlop M-80 Bass D.I.
Aphex Bass Exciter
Boss CE-2B Bass Chorus
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
Demeter Opto-Compulator
Dunlop CryBaby Bass Wah
Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Plus

Other Effects and Miscellaneous Gear

T.C. Electronics Stereo Chorus/Flanger
SWR Mr. Tone Controls EQ
Raven Labs PHA-1 Headphone Amp
Raven Labs MDB-1 Mini-Mixer
Raven Labs True Blue EQ
T. Rex Bass Juice
Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive
DOD FX25 Envelope Filter
SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver D.I.
Akai Intelliphase P1 Analog Phaser
Akai Headrush E1
Alesis Nanoverb
DBX 163x Compressor
Voodoo Labs Amp Selector
Boss BR1180-CD Digital Hard Disk Recorder
Alesis QS8 Synthesizer

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