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Bryan Beller Everywhere

Bryan Beller's MySpace Page
Bryan Beller's YouTube Page
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FOB's (friends of Bryan)

Kira Small
Mike Keneally
Steve Vai
Brendon Small
Rick Musallam
Griff Peters
Marco Minnemann
Jeff Babko
Nick D'Virgilio
Toss Panos
Scheila Gonzalez
Ann Marie Calhoun
Jude Crossen
Chris Cottros
Mike Olekshy
Jody Nardone
Marcus Finnie
Mark Niemiec
Bruce Dees
Clayton Ivey
Shawn Farley (a.k.a. Yogi)
Half Zaftig
Jeremy Colson
Dave Weiner
Alex DePue
Gene Hoglan
Zimmer's Hole
Stacey Ferguson

Paula Lawrence Wehmiller
Wes Wehmiller
Mother Eff
Colin Keenan
Martha Lawrence
Janet Robin
Janet Feder
Inga Wohlgemuth
Wayne Kramer
Tom Langford
Jackie Daum
Ian Perge
Adam Nitti
Michael Manring
Dave Pomeroy
Michael Dimin
Trip Wamsley
Frode Berg
Chris Opperman
Sean O'Bryan Smith
Luis Espaillat
Erich Gobel
Jeff Forrest
Dave Foster
Jimmy Haslip
Viktor Krauss
Rufus Philpot
Arthur Barrow
Pete Griffin
Scott Thunes
Matt Garrison
Greg Koch
Frank Zappa

Equipment Endorsements

Mike Lull Custom Basses
SWR Sound (amplification)
D'addario Strings
Solid Cables
Xotic Effects (Bass BB Preamp)
Dunlop Pedals (Bass Wah, M-80 DI)
Taylor Guitars (AB-4 Acoustic/Electric Bass)

Onion Boy Records Preferred Retailers

The Onion Boy Records Online Store
CD Baby
Abstract Logix
iTunes (digital)
Audiophile Imports
G & S Music (U.K.)
Wayside Music
Guitar Nine Records
See Of Sound

Beller-Friendly Online Radio

NPS - The Netherlands
KMUW - Wichita, KS
WCSB - Cleveland, OH
WEFT - Champaign, IL
KDHX - St. Louis, MO
Rogues' Gallery
Marble City Jazz
Bass World Radio
Moe Betta Jazz
Progscape Radio
Melo's Prog Bazaar
Jazz My Azz - Belgium
FretNet - Australia
Radio Keneally

Music & Other Beller-Recommended Sites

The Official Tribute To Wes Wehmiller
Bass Player Magazine
Bass Musician Magazine
Bass Frontiers Magazine
Bass Guitar Magazine (U.K.)
Bass Northwest
No Treble
Institute Of Bass
For Bass Players Only
Hilltop Frog Studios
Writers Of The Round Table
Mike Keneally Band Tour Chronology

Landmark Education
Kydd Basses
Ferrante's Power Equipment (FPE-TV)
Berklee College Of Music
Clouds And Clocks
Sea Of Tranquility


Talking Points Memo
Daily Kos
Eschaton (Atrios)
The New Republic's "The Plank"
Media Matters

National Review Online's "The Corner"
Red State
The Drudge Report
Ace Of Spades

Traditional Media/Closer-To-Center/Polling
Real Clear Politics
Five Thirty Eight
Marc Ambinder
Andrew Sullivan

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