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Custom Transcriptions!

'Cause Of Breakfast transcription page 1

Mike Keneally,
"'Cause Of Breakfast" (PDF)
(c) 1994 Spen Music (BMI)

Owe You transcription page 1

Yogi, "Owe You" (PDF)
(c) 2003 More Powerful
Than You Could Possibly
Imagine Music (BMI)

Bryan Beller's Transcription Services

To the bassists reading this page:

Have you ever wished for a transcription of your favorite song's bassline, so that you could learn to play it accurately and have the sheet music professionally prepared...but the sheet music doesn't exist? Maybe the song is fairly obscure, or difficult to play?

Bryan Beller has transcribed over 70 challenging songs and song excerpts, both for Bass Player Magazine and for satisfied customers who requested a custom transcription of their favorite songs.

Each Bryan Beller Custom Transcription meets the following standards:

  • Created in Finale, an industry-standard music software suite
  • Provided in PDF for easy document opening (hard copy if requested)
  • Comes in two staffs: music notation and tablature
  • Includes rehearsal letters, section markings, tempo markings, and all officially recognized markings of a professionally prepared chart
  • Includes dynamics and any special notations required to make the chart match the bassline
  • Includes a phone conversation/lesson about the best ways to approach the song in question

And yes, Bryan will transcribe his own material!

To inquire about a quote, simply click here to write Bryan from the Contact Form.

All quotes for transcriptions are custom. Be sure to include your contact information and link to the song online if available.

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